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Fashion Trends for Shoes (2014-2015)

Sometimes your overall look can either be enhanced or ruined by a single element of your attire: it could be the color of your top, the length of your skirt, or your choice of bag. But if there’s one piece of your wardrobe that you should never completely go wrong with, it’s got to be your shoes.

See, no matter how perfect everything else is, choosing the wrong kind of shoes can basically dampen whatever thing you have going. As such, it is necessary that you keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in shoe wear so that you don’t end up committing completely avoidable fashion faux pas.

For 2014-2015, there is a wide assortment of styles and looks that shoe designers seem to embrace, turning them into the year’s top trends in women’s shoe wear. These styles are seen worn on the catwalks of the world’s fashion capitals, made even more popular by style makers and big-name personalities, such as celebrities and business moguls, who all play their part in creating a dynamic shoe fashion scene.

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One of the biggest trends in women’s shoes is sparkly footwear. Basic good design is given further oomph with the addition of sparkly elements that lend a hint of luxury and femininity. Whether these are Swarovski crystals or rhinestone studs, the sparkling look provides a sense of vibrancy and inspires double-looks for what are otherwise simple pairs of shoes.

Simplicity is taken a bit further with the use of bold geometric patterns to create a minimalist look. The absence of intricacies makes these shoes visual stunners marked by sharp lines and a no-frills approach in design.

Indeed, going back to the basics seems to be a running theme for many designers with the persistence of flat shoes. Every conceivable designer has a version of the well-loved flats. The subtle mix of function and form, including the emphasis on shoes comfort suitable for sport (in some cases) and understated grace, has created a trend that seems to weather the finicky nature of the women’s footwear scene.

Remember those skyscraper stilettos supported by thin metal heels? Well, they’re due for R&R somewhere as a new breed of skyscrapers, this time featuring chunky heels, are fast attracting the attention of fashion around the world. These are huge, solid shoes that lend greater support to the wearer with thick, chunky heels, which stand in stark contrast to the stick-thin version of yore.

These are not to be mistaken with wedges, which by all indicators seem to remain a popular trend for seasons yet to come. Coming in different colors (block and prints) and materials (suede and leather, among others), wedges remain a staple among many a fashionist’s choice of trendy shoes.

In sum, shoes constitute a huge part of your overall look and appearance. The trends mentioned above should serve as a helpful guide for you know what everyone else is wearing and to understand the latest evolution in women’s shoes. But beyond these trends, it is essential for you to remain in touch with your inherent fashion sense.

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